Humanitas Christiana Foundation, cultural and Christian, was founded in 1995, at the initiative of Professor Paul Găleşanu and his wife, Mrs. Maria Done, with the purpose of promoting culture, especially classical, as well as of encouraging philantropical actions and programs. The first step made by the Foundation towards the cultural renewal of the youth after the Revolution in 1989 was a course of Latin language directed by Professor Paul Găleşanu, for the students of the Theological Seminary in Bucharest. This cultural project continued with lessons of German and Spanish until the
Professor’s state of health worsened and he had to cease all didactic activities. On the 23rd of February 2001, Professor Paul Găleşanu, the President of the Foundation, departed from this life. The other members constituted another Board (with Prof. Luiza Dumitru as Vice President, Eng. Alina
Marinescu as General Secretary, as well as the Coordinators of the ongoing programs). Rev. Dr. Vasile Gordon, then Parish priest of Saint Elijah – Gorgani church, was elected President of Humanitas Christiana Foundation. The new team brought to date the Foundation statute, including articles and provisions that enrich the cultural dimension of the activities. At the same time, the Foundation received new members, almost all young people of Saint Elijah– Gorgani church, aiming at continuing the founding members’ cultural initiative and, especially, at involving the Foundation into new programs, mostly based on volunteer work (see the section „Projects”).