The purpose of the Foundation is to promote culture, especially classical, as well as philantropical
actions and programs.

The Foundation aims at contributing to the spiritual and moral education, to forming the patriotic
spirit of youth from schools or universities, by facilitating access to the Greek and Latin culture and
spirituality. Humanitas Christiana Foundation is constituted as a cultural and educational organization, aiming at
covering a range of activities wider than classical culture.

On the other hand, in perfect agreement with the values of universal culture, the Foundation is
constituted also as an organization with philanthropic purposes, proposing, in the spirit of the
Romanian Orthodox tradition, to carry on a series of programs and actions (philanthropical, cultural
and educational).

The objectives of the Foundation, with a view to effecting its purpose, are the following:

  • To place the library of the Foundation at the service of a large number of students and pupils
  • To grant scholarships to Theology or Classical languages students
  • To create a publishing house and a printing office, with a view to launching a monthly newsletter and a cultural magazine for youth
  • To promote classical literature and to encourage youth gifted for writing literature
  • To organize a section that could become an institute of classical history research
  • To support the Romanian Society of Classical Studies
  • To organize various courses and, in the case of external funding of these courses, to grant scholarships , namely exemption of the tuition fees;
  • To organize cultural debates of present interest;
  • To organize various activities covering a broader cultural area.